House At 844 1/2 Cover Art

Every woman yearns to feel cherished

Emily has trouble with her husband Gareth. Although she is both intelligent and beautiful, she lives with an embarrassing medical condition: Emily has Tourette syndrome. Thinking that Gareth therefore has all the power in their marriage, Emily allows him to treat her like the proverbial doormat.

Every boy wants to belong

Emily’s son Reid also has Tourette syndrome. Academic problems and bullies make school a living hell. Only the support of his friends, other “weirdos” like him, makes it bearable. They plot revenge against the bullies. In a high achieving town where many consider only an Ivy League education acceptable, Reid wonders where a place in the world exists for someone like him.

Can they be healed?

Emily accidentally enters an alternate dimension where she meets Terran. Compassionate, God-like, yet blinded by her fiery beauty, he becomes her spiritual teacher. Only someone with a life mission as important as hers, Terran says, can enter his dimension. Reid and Emily’s increasing prophetic visions lead them to healing in ways that they never expect.

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